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How To Do Counted Cross Stitch?
01.06.2022 | vipcrossstitch |

What is Counted Cross Stitch?

Vipcrossstitch Counted cross stitch is a piece of white cloth, there is no pattern on the canvas, you need to draw the grid yourself.

Contrasting with the drawing, use a water-soluble pen to mark out the areas that need to be embroiderd on the embroidery cloth, and then embroider.

Although the process of tracing points on white cloth cross stitch is troublesome, it has high precision and can embroider patterns on drawings more intuitively.

After embroidering, the canvas does not need to be washed.


Why choose vipcrossstitch counted cross stitch kit?

Our canvas - the natural ecological cotton used is soft, colorful and durable, making your cross stitch silky, vivid and long-lasting.


Our packaging -sold as a set, buy our cross stitch you will get cross stitch canvas, embroidery thread, needle and manual. 




How to embroider Vipcrossstitch Counted Cross Stitch?


Find the number of the position you need to embroider on the chart, and compare the number shown on the thread board to determine the color of the

embroidery thread in the corresponding number area.






Determine the center point of the embroidered cloth and the center point of the chart, Fold the cross-stitch fabric in half horizontally and vertically to find its

center point.and draw the grid according to the center point.(Pay attention to using a water-soluble pen to draw the grid




Prepare embroidery thread for cross stitch. According to whether the purchased embroidery cloth is 14CT or 11CT, prepare different strands of thread.

The vipcrossstitch brand 14CT cross stitch kit uses 2 strands, and the vipcrossstitch brand 11CT cross stitch kit uses 3 strands.


Step 4:

According to your own habits and charts, choose the position to be embroidered and the thread of the corresponding color to start embroidering.



1. Cross stitch specifications. Use two strands for 14ct embroidery, one strand for crochet, three strands for 11ct embroidery, and two strands for crochet.

2. The color of embroidery thread. The color blocks in the drawings do not necessarily represent the actual embroidery thread colors. It is necessary to carefully

identify the thread numbers behind the markings, and select the embroidery thread according to the thread number requirements.

3. Keep your hands clean when embroidering, and avoid staining with ink and other items within the embroidering area.

4. Consistency of direction. If the embroidery is from top to bottom and from left to right, always follow the direction consistency.

5. When narrowing the needle, don't tie the thread from the beginning to the end of the cross stitch. The thread ends should be empty on the back and pressed

against each other. Be careful not to mess the thread ends.

6. When the cross-stitch work is soiled, you can wash the work by hand with neutral detergent and cold or warm water. Soak it for a few minutes without rubbing

or squeezing it. Then take the work out and place it on a clean, white thick towel and roll it up.

After depressing the excess water, let it air dry for a few hours, and then add a white cloth up and down to clamp the cross-stitch cloth and iron it out.

Pay attention to adjust the temperature to prevent ironing damage. If you don’t frame it temporarily, you can clip it in a book or other flat place to prevent the

work from getting wrinkled or getting dirty again